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Introducing a Scalable Approach to Business Innovation and Brand Success

eBook release marks conclusion of co-authored Innovation Research and Strategy blog series DETROIT—The Innovation Research and Strategy toolkit is designed to help mid-size organizations transcend disruption, inspire growth, and ascertain new spaces where the organization or brand can lead in the next 3+ years. The toolkit has been developed by The Martec Group, a global

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Brand Positioning Strategy: Creating a North Star

Determine where you are on the distinctiveness spectrum and build a brand that becomes a market leader In addition to driving growth through innovative product concepts, continue to move your brand forward with a well-defined brand positioning strategy. Brand positioning is the process of differentiating your business from others in the market in a way that

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Product Concept Development and Testing: How to Design an Innovative Solution

Grounding product development in foresight, empathy, and the customer experience will highlight product needs that should be addressed to become truly disruptive Product concept development provides benchmark data for the evaluation and prioritization of new product development and decision-making. A primary goal for product concept development and testing is to rate, rank, and prioritize customers’

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Future Market Maps: Sizing the Opportunity

Discover how to size emerging markets and determine the “size of the prize” through research Building market maps takes time and diligence. Building future market maps consumes even more resources – but the outcome enables an organization to “size the prize” and determine the return on investment (ROI). Market maps (or market analyses) that define and size

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Industry Disruptors: Using Foresight to Outmaneuver Minnows

Identify disruptive forces and social shifts most likely to impact an organization and turn those threats into opportunities What are industry disruptors? They are all concepts that started as ideas that challenged traditional business models, solved problems differently, reduced costs, or introduced an innovative approach – all while winning customers. In the first article of a six-part

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Growth Strategy Framework: Putting Disruptive Innovation in Its Place

Part I of the Innovation Research and Strategy series: Creating a growth strategy framework is the first step toward solving innovation, business strategy, brand strategy, and other growth challenges The theory of disruptive innovation has been impacting business strategies for more than 25 years. At its core, this theory, as authored by Clayton M. Christensen,

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