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sound waves and the global acoustic insulation market

Global Acoustic Insulation Market Growth

By Rick Claar, President Originally posted on I recently attended the annual Ocean Exchange event and came away with quite a few “a-ha” moments. What I was struck by in particular was that, going in, I expected to learn about all sorts of innovations and advancements in technology and methodologies to protect and preserve our oceans.

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EV battery supply chain report

How Sustainable Is the Electric Vehicle Supply Chain?

Investments in and commits to electric vehicles (EVs) are at all-time highs. In March 2022, EV sales reported a 60% increase from March 2021 (one of the largest jumps in EV history). Electric vehicle proliferation isn’t slowing. In fact, with the Biden administration working to make 50% of all new vehicles sold in 2030 zero-emissions

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temperature-controlled packaging trends cold chain logistics

6 Key Trends in Temperature-Controlled Packaging

Temperature-controlled packaging is a booming business with a market size forecasted to reach more than $8 billion in the next five years. Increasing climate concerns, supply chain pressure, and new technologies mean that many suppliers will have to quickly update their packaging structures. To make the right choices for your company, you need to know

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sustainable cold chain development and reefer trailers

Sustainable Cold Chain Development

By Richard Claar, Martec partner, and Douglas Iredale, Phase Change Solutions senior director As demand surges for refrigerated goods, food and pharmaceutical cold chains are being further developed to meet customer needs and promote sustainability. See how. The importance of cold chains within distribution The supply chain is what enables modern, effective, and efficient distribution

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carbon insetting transportation and logistics

Carbon Insetting: Decreasing Supply Chain Emissions

Companies everywhere are aiming to decrease their carbon footprint, but how exactly can they make the most impact? More importantly, which stakeholders are responsible for making their practices more sustainable? New research around carbon insetting suggests that achieving a “net zero” carbon footprint will require a unified front from all entities in a supply chain.

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New Mobility Workforce Automotive Design Software

New Mobility Workforce: Converging Automotive Engineering, Chemical Engineering & UX

Mobility has transformed into a user-centric concept – recognizing that transportation products and services must be responsive to the needs, habits, and preferences of consumers. As the automotive industry continues to rapidly evolve, so too must the new mobility workforce. The internal combustion engine (ICE) has been used in the commercial production of motor vehicles

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