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food and beverage trends in 2022

5 Food and Beverage Trends in 2022

We’re making our way through 2022, and if we’ve learned anything so far this year, it’s that there’s no going ‘back to normal’ anytime soon. Instead, industries around the globe are discovering a ‘new normal’ with different market preferences and spending priorities. CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies are working hard to stay on top of

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temperature-controlled packaging trends cold chain logistics

6 Key Trends in Temperature-Controlled Packaging

Temperature-controlled packaging is a booming business with a market size forecasted to reach more than $8 billion in the next five years. Increasing climate concerns, supply chain pressure, and new technologies mean that many suppliers will have to quickly update their packaging structures. To make the right choices for your company, you need to know

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private label growth

What Is Driving the Growth of Private Label Brands?

Changes in consumer attitudes within the food and beverage market have reignited the power struggle between private-label products and their branded counterparts Private-Label Positioning in the Food and Beverage Market As the world begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is evident that trends in the market are still evolving, especially as they react

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snacking trends

Snacking Trends 2021: Functional Nutrition Takes the Cake

4 trends set to impact the snack food industry During the recent International Peanut Forum, top snacking trends in 2021 were highlighted. As indicated by conference insights along with what’s being reported globally, what we see is a future where functional nutrition takes the cake. The Trends Plant-based Functional Nutrition With a heightened understanding of nutrition,

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food and beverage - food waste - consumers recycling composting food waste

How Consumers Can Help Address the US Food Waste Problem

By Ken Donaven, Martec Director I’ve written in the past about how shocked I was to discover the amount of food waste that happens in our country (and around the world). Upon learning about the issue, I went on to research and examine various solutions to the problem that the food industry is considering and

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food and beverage industry peanut farmer allergies

Rejecting What We Eat: A Look Into Food Allergies

By Chelsea May, Martec Project Manager After investigating food fraud in the honey market, the second episode of Rotten dives into food allergies. Food allergies are not a new thing, but we are now seeing an increase in cases like never before, especially in children. Around 8% of children in the US have a food

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