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Which Industries Will Be Impacted Most by the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence?

As a market research firm, we are seeing more and more clients wanting to understand exactly how AI is impacting a given market or industry sector — and to get a better handle on how that will change in the near and distant future.

Here is what we’re hearing and learning, both through direct conversations with company leadership teams as well as via secondary research and information gathering.

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DEI Hiring Trends

Moving the needle on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a top concern for recruiting teams and employers. Regardless of industry or company size, human resources (HR) professionals should review and understand current DEI hiring trends. The Wave of 2020 2020 ignited a flood of initiatives for DEI, causing stakeholders to reflect on workplace equity

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Top Trends in Business Strategy

7 Top Trends in Business Strategy

What is your 2022 business strategy? Much like 2020, this year has been a wild ride. We have seen Covid variants, a blazing-hot labor market, huge consumer demand, and supply chain delays and shortages. The end of the year signals budget time and the season to reassess upcoming trends, develop new goals, and find the

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carbon insetting transportation and logistics

Carbon Insetting: Decreasing Supply Chain Emissions

Companies everywhere are aiming to decrease their carbon footprint, but how exactly can they make the most impact? More importantly, which stakeholders are responsible for making their practices more sustainable? New research around carbon insetting suggests that achieving a “net zero” carbon footprint will require a unified front from all entities in a supply chain.

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