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We are unshakeable believers in excellence and do not rest until our clients have the business intelligence needed to support strategic decision-making and move forward with confidence.
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The Martec Group is a global market research and consulting firm. As experienced market researchers, diligence providers, and consultants, we deliver unsurpassed market research reports and insights to power the toughest decisions in business.

We work in a wide variety of industries including Automotive, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Private Equity, and Specialty Chemicals. Having completed thousands of projects in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C markets throughout our tenure, we can talk from day one about industry insights.

With a portfolio of custom intelligence solutions that has been built over 35+ years, we deliver actionable insights for clients worldwide. Clients appreciate our customized, consultative approach to meet their needs on each project.

Founded in 1984, The Martec Group has grown to 90+ professional staff members across four international offices, including Chicago, Detroit, Frankfurt, and Shanghai.

A Brief History


The Martec Group is founded

1984 – The Martec Group is founded



1985 – Chicago

After taking up residence on the second floor of a warehouse in Chicago’s West Side wholesale district, The Martec Group was making a name for itself in the transportation market.
Martec continued to expand and prosper throughout the 1980’s, adding a healthcare practice in 1986.



1990 – Detroit

A well-respected group of market research professionals, working closely with the Chicago headquarters, launched the Detroit office of The Martec Group in 1990, now located in Royal Oak, Michigan.
The company was then comprised of four partners and continued to grow rapidly, adding chemical, energy, and building & construction industry expertise. This “merger of equals” also allowed the establishment of an alliance with a respected consulting firm based in Frankfurt, Germany, thus cementing access to the European markets of interest for our multinational clients.


Japan & Latin America

1993 – Japan & Latin America

By 1993, Martec had opened an office in Tokyo, Japan and solidified a long-term relationship with BSR in São Paulo, Brazil, further expanding our global footprint.
Just as Microsoft became the world’s most valuable company at $261 billion, The Martec Group launched the advanced technology research team in 1997.



1999 – Europe

Frankfurt, Germany was the site of our next office opening. In 1999 we formalized the alliance with two partners we had been working with for a decade, and Martec’s European headquarters was launched.


Green Bay

2000 – Green Bay

In 2000, we took the opportunity to acquire a Green Bay, Wisconsin based call center operation that had been a key outsource partner and launched The Martec Group’s call center and focus group facility in 2003.



2001 – Beijing

In 2001, the Chicago team relocated from the warehouse district to offices in the Chicago Loop at the corner of Adams and Clark. Along with this relocation, we launched our inaugural office in China – Beijing – and furthered our global scope.



2007 – Shanghai

In 2006, The Martec Group was proud to announce that we would begin servicing the professional services space.
By 2007, Martec was again expanding globally, opening our second office in China, located in Shanghai. Learn more by visiting their website at www.martecchina.com/cn.

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