Our market research and business intelligence solutions help clients achieve high-impact results. Our project portfolio is the culmination of decades of broad-based research experience. From auto parts to X-ray imaging technologies and much more, Martec has the expertise to uncover meaningful insights.
Martec solutions
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Market Intelligence

Identify market size, trends, desirable market segments, growth opportunities, and ways to gain share.

Product Intelligence

Gather and analyze data for product performance, performance improvement, concept development, cost modeling, and benchmarking.

Customer Intelligence

Open up unrestricted voice of the customer (VoC) and voice of the employee reach. No matter whose input you need, we’ll bring them to the table.

Emotion Intelligence

Uncover consumers’ hidden opinions and associations. Our versatile and proprietary toolkit is simple, scalable, and seamlessly integrates with existing platforms.

Competitive Intelligence

Drive bottom-line results through CI studies and gain a deeper understanding of your competitive position in the market.

We provide actionable insights to drive your success.

Clients appreciate our customized, consultative approach to meet their needs on each project. Our agile and iterative process starts with…

Definition of Requirements

Understand pending client decisions and desired outcomes. Engage key stakeholders.

Project Design and Kick-off

Recommend methodology and research approach.

Project Research and Review

Share updates and findings with regular progress meetings.

Report and Support

Review scope, schedule, investment significance of findings — providing more than an abstract report.

Final Deliverables

Deliver proprietary, in-depth analyses and key insights — bringing our clients the information needed to move forward with confidence and power the toughest decisions in business.
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