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Martec specializes in building & construction market research. From raw material suppliers to construction equipment to commercial and residential products, we uncover business and consumer insights for the building & construction industry. Discover why clients choose Martec.
building and construction market research

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Deep knowledge and experience across all levels of the building products and construction value chains

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Nearly 40 years of experience for market assessments, product awareness and perceptions, market sizing and segmentation

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Ability to do qualitative and quantitative studies globally


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sound waves and the global acoustic insulation market

Global Acoustic Insulation Market Growth

By Rick Claar, President Originally posted on I recently attended the annual Ocean Exchange event and came away with quite a few “a-ha” moments. What I was struck by in particular was that, going in, I expected to learn about all sorts of innovations and advancements in technology and methodologies to protect and preserve our oceans.

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