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sound waves and the global acoustic insulation market

Global Acoustic Insulation Market Growth

By Rick Claar, President Originally posted on I recently attended the annual Ocean Exchange event and came away with quite a few “a-ha” moments. What I was struck by in particular was that, going in, I expected to learn about all sorts of innovations and advancements in technology and methodologies to protect and preserve our oceans.

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construction industry trends 2022

4 Key Construction Industry Trends for 2022

During the last year, labor shortages, skyrocketing prices from lumber to steel, and Covid restrictions dramatically impacted construction industry trends. Owners and developers delayed or canceled projects while existing work faced challenges from supply chain disruptions, inflation, and more stringent regulation. These obstacles highlighted the industry’s need to fully harness technology and consider sustainability strategies

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construction safety technology

How Technology Is Helping Improve Construction Site Safety

Innovations like drones, virtual reality, and worker wearables can provide critical safety solutions Fatality statistics are driving the adoption of construction safety technology. The most recent construction data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Bureau of Labor is unsettling. Construction worksite fatalities have risen over the last two years, reaching a 12-year

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All-Electric Building Trends

Builders Warming Up To All-Electric Building Trends

Policy leaders and building professionals are working to reduce fossil fuel pollution with new energy and building codes and practices Despite commercial building sector slowdowns due to COVID, states have pressed forward with new construction programs for climate protection. California is leading the way. New York, Washington, Massachusetts, Maine, and Colorado are following with new

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construction technology trends

3 Top Construction Technology Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Contractors and building professionals who plan to build their share in the market should embrace these construction industry innovations The construction industry faced challenges during 2020 – project delays, labor shortages, operational restrictions, and disrupted supply chains. Dodge Data & Analytics reports commercial construction fell by 16% in 2020 and residential construction also had double-digit

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glass industry news and trends Building and Construction

Glass and Glazing: What’s Leading Glass Industry News

We’re providing a recap of the National Glass Association’s most recent NGA Glass Conference. Sessions provided deep dives into current updates to energy and safety codes and legislation. With updates typically made every three years, it’s critical to learn about incremental changes each cycle. Here is what’s leading glass industry news and trends right now: Bird-Friendly Glazing

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