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consumer trends in healthcare - consumer decision making in healthcare

Consumer Trends in Healthcare: What’s Being Adopted

Discover leading consumer trends in healthcare and key areas that will transform the industry The COVID-19 pandemic pushed many clinics and healthcare providers to quickly adopt new practices for serving patients. Without adequate time to help their patients adjust to these new practices, many providers encountered varying levels of patient insecurity, as people grappled with

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the future of telehealth after covid-19

The Future of Telehealth After COVID

Healthcare providers experienced drastic changes in 2020. Financial plans were demolished. Patients avoided face-to-face routine visits and elective (and even necessary) surgical procedures. Healthcare professionals quickly scrambled to provide virtual ways to connect so they could simultaneously minimize risks to patients and employees and stay afloat. The future of telehealth advanced by a decade in

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Consumer emotions affecting healthcare system use amid COVID-19

How To Reengage Healthcare Consumers After COVID-19

While healthcare providers, telehealth companies, and insurers all try to discern their path forward in a post-pandemic landscape, our newly released study shows significant levels of consumer insecurity. Concerns have been identified for both in-person and remote care. Findings also draw a roadmap for healthcare providers looking to regain consumer trust and optimize capacity levels.

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Emotion-Based Qualitative Research in Healthcare

Dissecting the Science Behind Gut Feelings

Learn how one healthcare system leveraged emotion-based qualitative research to ensure employee engagement and inform brand repositioning As researchers, we’re always cognizant of the old adage, what gets measured gets done, even as it pertains to things that some may consider difficult to quantify, such as emotions. Knowing that data informs decisions, we’re big believers

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healthcare bulletin board research computer data doctor

Why Bulletin Board Research Is Ideal for the Healthcare Sector

Developing patient segmentation and personas is paramount to customizing healthcare product messaging. There is nothing more personal than one’s health and there is a significant emotional response and attachment related to a customer’s healthcare product choices. The Martec Group recently conducted a study with a hospital system to understand how consumers choose their healthcare and

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healthcare - Susan G Komen foundation market research study doctor hallway hospital

Shedding Light On Women’s Healthcare Costs

The passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 made prevention more affordable and accessible by requiring health plans to cover preventative services and eliminating cost sharing for those services. The impact was greatest among patients with lower income who had high cost-barriers to screening prior to the ACA. A recent study even found that

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