Product Intelligence

Gather and analyze data for product performance, performance improvement, disruptive innovation, product concept development, cost modeling, and benchmarking.
product intelligence

Unlock Innovation

What’s new? What’s innovative? What works? What are the top features or benefits? Unlock unparalleled product intelligence to inspire innovation and drive growth. With decades of experience pushing the boundaries of what’s new and innovative, but also effective, our agile approach and trusted performance analytics can support your product development needs.

Let’s create and launch your best possible product.

storytelling techniques in market research

Innovation Research & Strategy

Enter new spaces in the next 3+ years...and gain share. Discover a scalable approach to business innovation and brand success.
best competitive intelligence activating CI

Conjoint Analysis

Our free eBook teaches you the fundamentals of conjoint analysis, helping you understand what it is (and whether you need it).

Areas Of Expertise

product clinics

Customer & Product Clinics

An Immersive Experience for Clients & Respondents

From physical testing to consumer preference and package review, our testing services will help to ensure your products meet or exceed consumer expectations.

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