Martec provides focused insights and guidance, honed by nearly 40 years of market research experience. We are poised to unlock value in our clients’ businesses, with a global staff of veteran experts covering a wide spectrum of industries.
Martec expertise


Understand the automotive landscape on a deeper level.

Building & Construction

Uncover commercial, municipal, and residential building trends.


Analyze specialty chemicals and the global chemical industry.

Consumer Electronics

Gain deep knowledge of the consumer electronics value chain.

Food & Beverage

Find the latest F&B industry size, share, trends, and analysis data.


Maximize opportunities with local market analysis and more.


Define what matters most in the healthcare industry.

Private Equity

Scale deal work with ESG and commercial due diligence.

Professional Service & Associations

Get senior-level insights to successfully develop strategies.

Transportation & Logistics

Plan for the future with the latest technology and value chain insights.


We know the complexities and challenges of working in B2B markets. We can help:

We have a unique set of tools to help B2C clients differentiate their brands.

best competitive intelligence activating CI

Emotion Intelligence

Explore our versatile and proprietary tool for uncovering customers’ hidden opinions and associations.
storytelling techniques in market research

Competitive Intelligence

Get unrestricted voice-of-the-customer (VoC) reach. No matter whose input you need, we’ll bring them to the table.
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