At Martec, we love a challenge. As experienced market researchers, diligence providers, and consultants, we deliver unsurpassed market research reports and insights to power the toughest decisions in business.
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You Need Business Intelligence That Drives Change

Engage in the science of transforming data into intelligence.

Martec advances data from “nice to know, but…” to information “how does it relate to us?” and ultimately to intelligence that influences strategic decision-making and enables your business to innovate and grow with confidence.

Industries We Serve


Understand the automotive landscape on a deeper level.

Building & Construction

Uncover commercial, municipal, and residential building trends.


Analyze specialty chemicals and the global chemical industry.

Food & Beverage

Find the latest F&B industry size, share, trends, and analysis data.


Define what matters most in the healthcare industry.

Private Equity

Scale deal work with ESG and commercial due diligence.

market research publications


Market Size Analysis

This eBook shows how to determine your market size in five steps. Explore fully triangulated market size analysis (and if you need it).

Conjoint Analysis

Get an in-depth understanding of conjoint analysis and its applications in this eBook to help determine what customers value.

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