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Martec delivers transportation, supply chain, and logistics market research reports to help businesses plan for the future. We support the transportation and logistics sector with market analysis and segmentation, new product development, competitive analysis, and growth strategy development. See how.
Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics Market Research

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Serving clients at all levels of the value chain – from OEMs to automotive aftermarket manufacturers to fleet management solutions providers to TPL and other delivery service providers

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Covering vehicle technology trends, software developments, and the evolution of service models

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We recently partnered with Coyote Logistics to understand the intersection of people and technology in the TPL service sector


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EV battery supply chain report

How Sustainable Is the Electric Vehicle Supply Chain?

Investments in and commits to electric vehicles (EVs) are at all-time highs. In March 2022, EV sales reported a 60% increase from March 2021 (one of the largest jumps in EV history). Electric vehicle proliferation isn’t slowing. In fact, with the Biden administration working to make 50% of all new vehicles sold in 2030 zero-emissions

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