Martec delivers unparalleled healthcare market research reports on healthcare services, life sciences, medical devices, patients, and more. We work frequently with our diverse network of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals so we can provide high-quality insights quickly. Discover why clients choose Martec.
healthcare market research

Veteran Healthcare Team

Nearly 40 years of research experience in healthcare, life sciences, and medical devices

Access to Niche Audiences

Gain insights from specialty healthcare professionals and targeted patient groups

Custom Solutions

From in-depth interviews and focus group moderation to large-scale global online surveys


Areas Of Expertise

Discover the latest industry insights on our blog

Qual >> Quant >> Qual

There are situations in which either quantitative or qualitative research is the more appropriate research vehicle. But where quantitative research is concerned, we usually recommend an approach that “book-ends” the quantitative research instrument with two qualitative research exercises.  

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