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The Martec Group researchers

Finding Opportunity When the Deal Pipeline is Light

Though most private equity firms typically engage in commercial due diligence once an acquisition target has been identified, there is another research approach that involves a combination of thematic and funnel analysis that can be employed — especially during times in which a more proactive approach is necessary. 1.) Market Prioritization, 2.) Target Prioritization, and 3.) Target Deep-Dive

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Understanding Your Company’s Future as ESG Proliferates

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) is no longer merely an emerging trend, confined mostly to the investment world and the purview of private equity firms. On the contrary: it is far more likely that your company, product and corporate mission are already coming under the scrutiny of a more discerning public than what would’ve been the case just a decade ago. 

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why is ESG due diligence important

Why ESG Due Diligence Is Important

Global ESG assets are on track to hit $53 trillion by 2025 — a third of global assets under management, according to a Bloomberg report. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are now key components of the process for investment decision-making and portfolio management. Sustainable and socially responsible investing is growing significantly. However, at times

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middle market ESG due diligence

Where Middle Market ESG Due Diligence Is Heading

Goby and Martec partner to advance ESG due diligence solutions for private equity firms The Martec Group, a global market research and consulting firm, recently partnered with Goby, The ESG Platform, to study and advance ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) solutions for private equity (PE) firms. In a recent study conducted by Martec and Goby, one respondent

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commercial due diligence checklist Martec

Commercial Due Diligence Benefits Deal Making

In private equity deal making, commercial due diligence mitigates risk and adds value A successful business investment can happen after due diligence is complete. The race to adequately complete each form of diligence – financial, operational, commercial, legal, ESG, etc. – typically begins with an investment round selection or a signed letter of intent. A

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innovation research and strategy

Growth Strategy Framework: Putting Disruptive Innovation in Its Place

Part I of the Innovation Research and Strategy series: Creating a growth strategy framework is the first step toward solving innovation, business strategy, brand strategy, and other growth challenges The theory of disruptive innovation has been impacting business strategies for more than 25 years. At its core, this theory, as authored by Clayton M. Christensen,

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