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natural antimicrobials

From Chemical to Clean: New Antimicrobial Options

Clean Label. Natural. Non-GMO. The list of consumer food ‘requirements’ goes on and on. Everyone in the food and beverage industry is familiar with these topics, and Martec has researched and written about them extensively. But how do products we buy at the grocery store get the ability to write ‘natural’ or ‘clean’ on their

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GMO consumer education

Who Should Be Responsible for GMO Consumer Education?

The food and beverage industry is in the midst of perhaps its most revolutionary changes ever. Consumer education has increased dramatically, resulting in the need for greater transparency, fresher products and cleaner labels from food and beverage manufacturers. The impact of these changes has been felt across the value chain – from ingredient suppliers through

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Food and Beverage blockchain technology

Changing the Food and Beverage Traceability Landscape

By Ken Donaven, Martec Director I’m a foodie…in both my personal and professional lives. I love everything about food – shopping for it, preparing it and especially eating it – plus, the food and beverage industry is a growing focus within the market research I conduct on a daily basis. With that said, blockchain is

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