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Snacking Trends 2021: Functional Nutrition Takes the Cake

4 trends set to impact the snack food industry During the recent International Peanut Forum, top snacking trends in 2021 were highlighted. As indicated by conference insights along with what’s being reported globally, what we see is a future where functional nutrition takes the cake. The Trends Plant-based Functional Nutrition With a heightened understanding of nutrition,

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How Consumers Can Help Address the US Food Waste Problem

By Ken Donaven, Martec Director I’ve written in the past about how shocked I was to discover the amount of food waste that happens in our country (and around the world). Upon learning about the issue, I went on to research and examine various solutions to the problem that the food industry is considering and

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food and beverage industry peanut farmer allergies

Rejecting What We Eat: A Look Into Food Allergies

By Chelsea May, Martec Project Manager After investigating food fraud in the honey market, the second episode of Rotten dives into food allergies. Food allergies are not a new thing, but we are now seeing an increase in cases like never before, especially in children. Around 8% of children in the US have a food

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How American dining habits are reshaping the food and beverage industry

Go Out or Cook at Home?

How America’s dining habits are reshaping the food and beverage industry Near the beginning of the 20th century, approximately 95% of our meals were prepared and eaten at home, while just 5% of meals were prepared somewhere other than our own kitchens. Today, the data tell quite a different story: We actually spend more of

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