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hydrogen fuel cell powertrain cost

The Future of Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Europe Invests In H2

Recent global events have overturned the way we live, manufacture, and consume in an extraordinary way. One of the least expected and most spectacular of these changes on an industrial level concerns the future of hydrogen fuel cells. Within the automotive sector, attitudes towards hydrogen fuel cell powertrains have shifted. Interest in fuel cell technology

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trucking industry outlook 2021

Trucking Industry Outlook 2021: Bumps in the Rearview, Curves Ahead

Logistics providers who use automation technology are predicted to survive, and thrive It has been a frenetic and bumpy period for the trucking industry. The Trump administration’s pro-business strategies offered carriers a boost in 2018. The road ahead looked wide open, and carriers and shippers felt more optimistic. Unfortunately, optimism gave way to uncertainty. Just

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automated vehicle safety

Automated Vehicle Safety: How DOT Policies Are Helping

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) is working to keep pace with evolving transportation technology. Automated vehicle safety is becoming increasingly critical. Putting policies into motion that will help to ensure safe design, development, and testing of automated vehicles is crucial, too. Automated vehicles raise more possibilities and questions than almost any other innovation

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Study on transportation logistics industry human technology balance

Repost: Martec Partners with Coyote Logistics to Conduct Transportation & Logistics Study

New study finds 60% technology and 40% human expertise is the ideal balance for supply chains Martec conducted a study on the Transportation & Logistics industry that was recently published by Coyote Logistics. This article originally appeared on the Coyote Logistics Press page. As technology continues to transform the workforce and logistics professionals navigate a rapidly

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A Different Kind of Connected Car

How do you feel about your car brand? Loyal, irritated, safe, frustrated? Have you ever given it a second thought? And how do those feelings/emotions about the brand impact your decision making when you’re picking out a new car? Of course, certain brands evoke different emotions in their customers – but how actively, and how

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