Introducing a Scalable Approach to Business Innovation and Brand Success

Innovation Research and Strategy eBook
eBook release marks conclusion of co-authored Innovation Research and Strategy blog series

DETROIT—The Innovation Research and Strategy toolkit is designed to help mid-size organizations transcend disruption, inspire growth, and ascertain new spaces where the organization or brand can lead in the next 3+ years.

The toolkit has been developed by The Martec Group, a global market research and consulting firm based in metro Detroit, and Great Lakes GrowthWorks, a growth strategy and innovation consulting firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Building off GrowthWorks’ Catapult™ work plan, Innovation Research and Strategy provides a detailed step-by-step approach to drive successful innovation. From using a growth strategy framework to conducting disruptor analysis to testing product concepts and more, the five-step approach outlined in the eBook can lead to exciting, new product and branding opportunities and foster gainful returns on investments (ROI).

“The series Great Lakes GrowthWorks has created with the team at The Martec Group is what helps us bring the best solutions to our clients,” said Phil Roos, Great Lakes GrowthWorks CEO. “We’re proud to share this series and eBook as a resource for all leadership and product development teams to utilize. We hope readers find inspiration to transcend disruption and apply strategic innovation within their organizations.”

To mark the end of the blog series, the teams collaborated to publish an eBook with bonus tips and a previously unshared infographic for powering disruptive innovation, differentiation, and growth.

“Sizing emerging markets, product concept development and testing, and brand positioning strategy are areas where The Martec Group is well-positioned to support the critical innovation work Great Lakes GrowthWorks is leading,” said Chuck Bean, The Martec Group partner and CMO. “Beyond ideation, GrowthWorks and Martec can help organizations prioritize opportunities, enter new spaces, and innovate with confidence.”

To learn more about this collaborative, scalable approach to drive business innovation and brand success, download our eBook today.

Great Lakes GrowthWorks is a strategy and innovation consulting firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan that helps identify game-changing disruption and robust opportunity paths clients can leverage to drive transformative growth. With expertise developing future market maps, brand strategies, innovation pipelines, and strategic growth roadmaps, GrowthWorks delivers solutions to a range of Fortune 500, middle market, early stage, and not-for-profit organizations. Learn more at

The Martec Group is a global market research firm headquartered in North America with offices in Chicago, Detroit, Frankfurt (Germany), and Shanghai (China). For nearly 40 years, Martec has been providing unparalleled quantitative and qualitative research to top companies worldwide. Learn more at

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