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Emotion-Based Qualitative Research in Healthcare

Dissecting the Science Behind Gut Feelings

Learn how one healthcare system leveraged emotion-based qualitative research to ensure employee engagement and inform brand repositioning As researchers, we’re always cognizant of the old adage, what gets measured gets done, even as it pertains to things that some may consider difficult to quantify, such as emotions. Knowing that data informs decisions, we’re big believers

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How emotions drive purchase decisions

How Knowing Your Customers’ Emotional Drivers Can Increase Sales

How do emotions affect purchasing decisions? Understanding customer emotions can drive purchasing decisions and increase sales and loyalty. Recent research reveals new information about the wide range of emotions the human brain (or heart, if you will) is capable of processing and expressing. (And if you’ve ever seen the animated Disney movie Inside Out, you’ve

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Martec Emotion Score bridging the gap between words and numbers

The Martec Emotion Score: Quantifying Your Customers’ Emotions

The “trend” of understanding consumer emotions has been on an upswing for the past several years. Organizations all over the world have realized that emotions are the critical factors driving customer loyalty – understanding how your customers feel when they interact with your brand is the key to improving the customer journey. However, many companies

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Customer Satisfaction Rating vs. Martec Emotion Score

How to Enhance the Value of Customer Satisfaction Ratings Using Martec Emotion Score

For far too many years the market research industry has avoided open-ended questioning. There’s been a far greater reliance on the quantitative rather than the qualitative. An industry standard survey question like “how likely are you to recommend?” will measure customer experience or customer engagement and reveal whether somebody will recommend a brand or product,

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Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

Using Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions in Market Research

Emotion research is becoming more popular, but there are many arguments about the “best” or “most accurate” way to complete it. There are those who go the neuroscience route, using electroencephalography (EEG), eye tracking, and other physiological measurements to capture how subjects are feeling. Then there are those who don’t go deep enough and simply

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