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Discover how applying Emotion Intelligence can help you understand your brand’s Emotional Value through the power of market research.

How to Understand Your Brand’s “Emotional Value”

By Chuck Bean Do you know your brand’s “emotional value?” It’s understandable if the answer is no. Most brands don’t. Yet while understandable, it’s no longer a safe position to make assumptions about your brand’s emotional value, especially as it relates to your competition’s.  Even teams who can articulate language that can be descriptive of

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analyzing emotions - customer behavior

Emotions Are Complex, Analyzing Them Doesn’t Have to Be

Customers have distinct feelings about products, services, and brands. How can their emotions be captured and analyzed easily? The process of analyzing emotions can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be…let’s dive in. Research shows that being competitive on rational factors, while essential, will only achieve parity. Most leading products or services end up

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true voice of customer research presentation

Understanding True Voice of Customer Research

Data is everywhere these days. If you are in any form of marketing, advertising, market research, or related field, you’re likely overwhelmed with just how much data is available at your fingertips at any given time.  Website visits. Social media likes, follows, and shares. Conversion clicks on call-to-action buttons. All of these activities are expressing

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future of UX research

The Future of UX Research: Uncovering Users’ True Emotions with Mixed Methodologies

Explore what methodologies work well together to uncover users’ hidden emotions to strengthen UX testing Emotion research can help brands find ways to create deeper emotional connections with prospects and deliver purposeful, enhanced experiences to current customers. It also is ideally suited for supporting the user experience (UX) design process. The future of UX research

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