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innovation research and strategy 5

Brand Positioning Strategy: Creating a North Star

Determine where you are on the distinctiveness spectrum and build a brand that becomes a market leader In addition to driving growth through innovative product concepts, continue to move your brand forward with a well-defined brand positioning strategy. Brand positioning is the process of differentiating your business from others in the market in a way that

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employee emotion during COVID-19

How’s Everybody Doing?

Okay, we know you’re sick of hearing about COVID-19 – but keep reading. This is ultimately about how employees and HR departments treat and foster their employees during a crisis. You’ll learn how The Martec Group, using our patented Emotion Intelligence, can help you unearth your employees’ potential and assure you retain talent, even in

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why are sports fans so passionate

The Nuances of Fan Emotion and Engagement

Do you know how your fans feel about your team? The game? The experience? Consider this: when you ask sports fans why they feel a certain way, each answer is unique. Some will talk about the feeling of being at a game, surrounded by thousands of fellow fans who are all supporting the same team.

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Emotion-Based Qualitative Research in Healthcare

Dissecting the Science Behind Gut Feelings

Learn how one healthcare system leveraged emotion-based qualitative research to ensure employee engagement and inform brand repositioning As researchers, we’re always cognizant of the old adage, what gets measured gets done, even as it pertains to things that some may consider difficult to quantify, such as emotions. Knowing that data informs decisions, we’re big believers

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How emotions drive purchase decisions

How Knowing Your Customers’ Emotional Drivers Can Increase Sales

How do emotions affect purchasing decisions? Understanding customer emotions can drive purchasing decisions and increase sales and loyalty. Recent research reveals new information about the wide range of emotions the human brain (or heart, if you will) is capable of processing and expressing. (And if you’ve ever seen the animated Disney movie Inside Out, you’ve

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