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reaching and engaging survey participants

Reaching and Engaging Survey Participants

Successfully reaching and engaging survey participants today presents unique challenges and opportunities. The origins of market research are rooted in convenience – sampling based on street interviews. The first market researchers stood on the streets and asked people passing by what they thought about the topic at hand. While this was effective at starting to

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brand loyalty and CX

Building Brand Loyalty Through CX

Brand loyalty is driven by customers’ positive feelings toward a brand, their dedication to purchasing the brand’s products or services repeatedly, and their promotion of the brand, whether online or in-person. Customer experience (CX) focuses on the relationship between a business and its customers. So, it logically follows that a business which invests in enhancing

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Top Trends in Business Strategy

7 Top Trends in Business Strategy

What is your 2022 business strategy? Much like 2020, this year has been a wild ride. We have seen Covid variants, a blazing-hot labor market, huge consumer demand, and supply chain delays and shortages. The end of the year signals budget time and the season to reassess upcoming trends, develop new goals, and find the

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New Mobility Workforce Automotive Design Software

New Mobility Workforce: Converging Automotive Engineering, Chemical Engineering & UX

Mobility has transformed into a user-centric concept – recognizing that transportation products and services must be responsive to the needs, habits, and preferences of consumers. As the automotive industry continues to rapidly evolve, so too must the new mobility workforce. The internal combustion engine (ICE) has been used in the commercial production of motor vehicles

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future of UX research

The Future of UX Research: Uncovering Users’ True Emotions with Mixed Methodologies

Explore what methodologies work well together to uncover users’ hidden emotions to strengthen UX testing Emotion research can help brands find ways to create deeper emotional connections with prospects and deliver purposeful, enhanced experiences to current customers. It also is ideally suited for supporting the user experience (UX) design process. The future of UX research

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innovation research and strategy 4

Product Concept Development and Testing: How to Design an Innovative Solution

Grounding product development in foresight, empathy, and the customer experience will highlight product needs that should be addressed to become truly disruptive Product concept development provides benchmark data for the evaluation and prioritization of new product development and decision-making. A primary goal for product concept development and testing is to rate, rank, and prioritize customers’

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