Case Study: Franchisor Takes 5-D Approach to Optimize Customer Experience

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Outcome Sought and Delivered

The objective was to take Martec’s 5-D insights approach to study client experiences, understand the true voice of customer, and engineer the customer journey to maximize engagement and customer satisfaction:

  1. Discover
  2. Diagnose 
  3. Design
  4. Deploy
  5. Drive

This full-spectrum approach was applied to inform CX decisions for Goldfish Swim School, a national franchise of premier learn-to-swim facilities for kids ages 4 months to 12 years.

The Lifecycle of 5-D CX Optimization

1 – Discover

The entire project began with conversations with internal stakeholders and leadership to uncover critical CX pain points and challenges through in-depth discovery work with internal stakeholders. Before consideration was even given to how the research will be designed and deployed, the Martec team partnered with the Goldfish Swim School team to deeply understand both nuances and dynamics relative to critical CX issues, pain points, and opportunities.

2 – Diagnose

Upon completion of the discovery phase, Martec recommended an additional qualitative research phase to help diagnose the precise challenges and opportunities that needed to be identified and further studied. This included 25 in-depth interviews with existing Goldfish Swim School customers. This empowered the project collaborators to measure the degree of severity for critical CX issues in order to help prioritize and identify low-hanging fruit vs. time-intensive, more broad CX overhauls.

Many of the methodologies explored in Chapter 2 were applied during the broader quantitative phase — the large-scale research/survey component to the project — including customer segmentation and personas, customer journey mapping, Emotion Intelligence and sentiment analysis, using advanced technology such as the Martec Emotion Score to quantify emotions at each stage of the customer journey. 


3 – Design

The Design phase relies on the Double-Diamond Innovation framework and design thinking to brainstorm new concepts and test various proposed solutions to see how they will be received by the target customer and other stakeholders.


The Design phase, empowered by diligent fact finding and deep insights, is when both Martec and the client get creative to design new CX concepts and create a plan for testing these concepts.

4 – Deploy

With creative CX redesigns moving out of the ideation phase, Goldfish Swim School was then able to create plans to implement the new experiences based on everything gleaned, learned and analyzed in previous phases. The project team took concepts and ideas and converted them into actionable steps to take, also based on a phased approach. 

To test new concepts, Goldfish Swim School started rolling out and testing these experiences with franchisees first, seeking feedback and analyzing franchise willingness to roll out specific actions to their customer base.

Applying the aforementioned priority matrix, Martec made recommendations on what to implement and when, based on urgency, importance, and the difficulty to implement, as determined and defined earlier.


5 – Drive

The fifth D in the 5-D approach is perhaps the most important…certainly the most impactful. That’s when the client team has the opportunity to drive action and see outcomes. The key to making this phase successful is to monitor implementations and to track KPIs, reactions and results, positive or otherwise, then analyze the newly gathered data to determine what to continue, what to tweak, and where to potentially change course. 

As the Double-Diamond Innovation framework illustrates, this data gets fed back into the 5-D machine to inform new discoveries and future iterative designs to the CX, so that the customer experience is continually being improved and optimized, even as events “on the ground” change and evolve.


In Their Own Words…

“Primary research and the voice of the customer provide invaluable information that powers our understanding, helps us anticipate their needs, and fosters meaningful connections. With real-world understanding, we are able to tailor our offers, improve our customer experience, and pave the way for growth for our brand and for our franchisees.

“Martec did a great job taking a ton of data and turning into actionable insights that will help us in many facets of the business. They were knowledgeable, easy to work with, and delivered a fantastic end product!”

— Shana Krisan, CMO, Goldfish Swim School Franchising

Want to Learn More?

For additional details and specifics about this and other CX research projects, please contact us and we will look forward to sharing our experiences with you…and to learning more about your needs.

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