Martec Group Announces Promotion of Josh Emington to Vice President


Formerly Serving as Insights Director, Emington Assumes Leadership Role of VP to Oversee Firm’s Value Creation Team

The Martec Group is pleased to announce the promotion of Josh Emington, IPC, to the position of Vice President. Josh has served with the company for more than nine years, most recently as Insights Director.

In the newly created position of Vice President on the firm’s executive team, Josh will lead Martec Group’s value creation team, work to accelerate company growth, and oversee client relationships and engagements. In his new role, he will work to identify ways to partner more closely with clients, expand their access to the full scope of the firm’s service set, and deliver on the company’s mission to empower clients by providing deep, meaningful and actionable insights.

“Josh has had a successful career building out a new function area for Martec, onboarding and solidifying new client relationships, and elevating our client experience with a heightened level of attention and consultation,” said Martec Partner, Bill Lucken. “Josh has earned this elevation of role, and we are confident that his expertise, reliability and dedication will foster continued growth for our firm, as we support leading brands in delivering confidence to make their most important decisions.” 

Josh has built an extensive career developing deep expertise in market research and consulting. He has particular experience serving the merger and acquisition sector, internal and external corporate Insights teams, and the franchising industry at large. He has remained active in the Insights Association, the Alliance of M&A Advisors, the Association for Corporate Growth, Michigan State University’s Master of Science in Marketing Research Board, the International Franchise Association, the American Marketing Association, and Quirks, among others.

“I’m proud to be a part of Martec’s truly talented and passionate team,” Emington said. “To assume a leadership role among my peers is a humbling honor, and I’m eager to help lead Martec in the yearS ahead. Our culture is second-to-none, and it has been an absolute pleasure working closely with this team. I’m resolved to roll up my sleeves and take on the challenge of furthering the next phase of growth with all the amazing team members here at Martec.”

About Martec

The Martec Group is a leading provider of market research and consulting firm serving a broad range of consumer and business-to-business industry sectors and brands, including Automotive, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Private Equity, and Specialty Chemicals. With offices and partnerships spanning the globe, Martec has grown to nearly 100 professional staff members in four international offices, including Chicago, Detroit, Frankfurt, and Shanghai. Founded in 1984, the company delivers insights and consulting services through proprietary methodologies known as Market Intelligence, Product Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Emotion Intelligence, and Competitive Intelligence. Learn more at

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