Martec Group employee earns professional research designation

IPC Principal designation
Insights Professional Certification demonstrates the mastery of, and dedication to, the practice of market research

DETROIT—In a fast-evolving, competitive marketplace, the Insights Professional Certification (IPC) is a valued mark of distinction. It is a third-party confirmation of the mastery of, and dedication to, the research practice. IPC demonstrates an awareness of the highest ethics and standards and commitment to remaining abreast of new techniques and technologies. With this verification, an objective measure of a research professional’s knowledge and proficiency may be obtained.

The Martec Group is proud to announce that Josh Emington, Martec Insights Director, has earned IPC Principal designation for three consecutive years.

Emington, who joined Martec in 2013, continues to be actively engaged in today’s insights, market research, and analytics work.

“Working in the market research and insights industry has provided me with extraordinary opportunities and experiences. Staying current with the latest industry tools and trends is invaluable to my career,” Emington said. “The Insights Association offers many ways to advance within this exciting and illuminating field. Next year, I am hoping to earn the IPC Master designation.”

The IPC has three certifications that demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of insights:

Principal – Three years of industry experience and proof of broad expertise

Master – A decade of industry experience and proof of broad expertise

Laureate – A designation available by invitation from the Insights Association Board of Directors

“We applaud Josh on achieving this well-regarded designation from the Insights Association,” Bill Lucken, Martec Partner, said. “Continuing education, be it formal or curiosity-based, is vital to our organization and the broader research community.”

>> Note: One of the best ways to earn continuing education credits for IPC is to attend the Insights Association’s annual CRC event. Emington will be attending this week … set a time to meet.

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The Insights Association protects and creates demand for the evolving Insights and Analytics industry by promoting the indisputable role of insights in driving business impact. All revenue is invested in quality standards, legal and business advocacy, education, certification, and direct support to enable our members to thrive. Learn more at

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