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Almost since the invention of the wheel, companies have asked, “What makes my product or solution valuable and sets it apart from my competition?’ and ‘How can I maximize the value, price and profit for my offering?’ Manufacturers know all too well that the right features, or combination of features, can make the difference between a huge success and an unmitigated failure. However, determining what buyers want and effectively marketing those differentiating features is often extremely challenging.

Gone are the days of guessing what customers want or asking your salespeople what they think your customers want to buy. Manufacturers can now understand, early in the product development cycle, what customers value and what they are willing to pay for specific features…without investing millions in a potential flop. So, how can manufacturers determine what features are most valued?

We’ve aggregated some of our favorite thought leaders and thought-leading content below on the many ways of testing concepts, understanding the value inherent in solutions and figuring out which trade-offs are being made inside the minds of customers.

Also, as you might expect, we have a tremendous amount of experience ourselves in this area and we’ve taken the liberty of including our most recent e-book on Conjoint Analysis, one of our favorite tools/techniques for concept testing and innovation research.

We hope you find this helpful!

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