Martec Provides Pro Bono Insights to Not-for-Profit Second Harvest in Partnership with BluWave

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The Martec Group is extremely proud to have the opportunity to give back to the community by offering pro bono market research services to a not-for-profit food bank as part of BluWave’s inaugural “Impact Program.”

As announced recently in a press release issued by BluWave, the business builders’ network for private-equity-grade service providers:

“BluWave Impact is bringing industry-leading business consultants from BluWave’s network together with charitable organizations to support the success of philanthropic missions. As part of this program, service providing firms within the BluWave network are offering their unique skills to charities, free of cost. 

“The inaugural BluWave Impact program project connected the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee with The Martec Group, a leading global strategy and market research consultancy.”

Everyone at The Martec Group was honored to be identified for this opportunity, and those participating in the project brought enthusiasm, rigor and insights to the local food bank looking for ways to best serve constituents in need in the neighborhoods it serves. Through surveys conducted and focus groups facilitated, Martec was able to provide Second Harvest more visibility into both the opportunities and obstacles that exist in serving those in need within its jurisdiction.

From the same release:

“As a result of BluWave Impact and the insights provided by Martec, the Second Harvest team has been able to reimagine its Emergency Food Box Program, which has been in service for more than 30 years. Enhancements to the program include repositioning resources to better align with recent population changes and updating services and pantry items offered on-site to drive increased participation of at-risk populations, increasing satisfaction from their patrons.”

Tracey Alderdice, Vice President of Community Impact at Second Harvest, commented, “Working with BluWave was extremely beneficial.They took the time to understand what we really needed.

“They then looked at all of the resources in their network and hand-picked Martec for us. Martec was a wonderful decision.”

Said Jim Durkin, Founding Partner of Martec: “We engage in traditional charitable activities (such as volunteering at soup kitchens), but the combination of being able to use the things we do every day to help clients and direct that towards this not-for-profit was particularly compelling, compared to our traditional philanthropic endeavors.”

To learn more about BluWave’s Impact Program, visit the initiative’s website here. To continue learning about the important work championed by Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, click here.

We thank both BluWave and Second Harvest for the opportunity to serve, and we extend our gratitude to all of the volunteers at The Martec Group who offered their time, task and talents to contribute to this wonderful and important mission.

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