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carbon neutral packaging

Carbon Neutral Packaging: Producer & Consumer Insights

What does it mean for a product to be carbon neutral? As the world shifts toward more sustainable practices, consumer insights can help promote adoption and feasibility. Within manufacturing, companies are realizing the positive optics of a low-carbon footprint and the consequences of high-volume carbon emissions. To help create a more sustainable product, carbon neutral

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New Mobility Workforce Automotive Design Software
Automotive & Transportation

New Mobility Workforce: Converging Automotive Engineering, Chemical Engineering & UX

Mobility has transformed into a user-centric concept – recognizing that transportation products and services must be responsive to the needs, habits, and preferences of consumers. As the automotive industry continues to rapidly evolve, so too must the new mobility workforce. The internal combustion engine (ICE) has been used in the commercial production of motor vehicles

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analyzing emotions - customer behavior
Emotion Intelligence

Emotions Are Complex, Analyzing Them Doesn’t Have to Be

Customers have distinct feelings about products, services, and brands. How can their emotions be captured and analyzed easily? The process of analyzing emotions can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be…let’s dive in. Research shows that being competitive on rational factors, while essential, will only achieve parity. Most leading products or services end up

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true voice of customer research presentation
Emotion Intelligence

Understanding True Voice of Customer Research

Data is everywhere these days. If you are in any form of marketing, advertising, market research, or related field, you’re likely overwhelmed with just how much data is available at your fingertips at any given time.  Website visits. Social media likes, follows, and shares. Conversion clicks on call-to-action buttons. All of these activities are expressing

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IPC Principal designation

Martec Group employee earns professional research designation

Insights Professional Certification demonstrates the mastery of, and dedication to, the practice of market research DETROIT—In a fast-evolving, competitive marketplace, the Insights Professional Certification (IPC) is a valued mark of distinction. It is a third-party confirmation of the mastery of, and dedication to, the research practice. IPC demonstrates an awareness of the highest ethics and standards

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private label growth
Food & Beverage

What Is Driving the Growth of Private Label Brands?

Changes in consumer attitudes within the food and beverage market have reignited the power struggle between private-label products and their branded counterparts Private-Label Positioning in the Food and Beverage Market As the world begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is evident that trends in the market are still evolving, especially as they react

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consumer trends in healthcare - consumer decision making in healthcare

Consumer Trends in Healthcare: What’s Being Adopted

Discover leading consumer trends in healthcare and key areas that will transform the industry The COVID-19 pandemic pushed many clinics and healthcare providers to quickly adopt new practices for serving patients. Without adequate time to help their patients adjust to these new practices, many providers encountered varying levels of patient insecurity, as people grappled with

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cognitive bias in market research

Here’s Why You’re Wrong: A Look at Cognitive Bias in Market Research

When combatting cognitive bias in market research, it is beneficial to look at tools within intelligence analysis, particularly the Analysis of Competing Hypotheses Analysis has a fundamental problem, and that problem is us. Humans aren’t naturally good at it. Cognitive biases are a natural part of our thinking, and no one can avoid them. Humans

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Innovation Research and Strategy eBook

Introducing a Scalable Approach to Business Innovation and Brand Success

eBook release marks conclusion of co-authored Innovation Research and Strategy blog series DETROIT—The Innovation Research and Strategy toolkit is designed to help mid-size organizations transcend disruption, inspire growth, and ascertain new spaces where the organization or brand can lead in the next 3+ years. The toolkit has been developed by The Martec Group, a global

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construction safety technology
Building & Construction

How Technology Is Helping Improve Construction Site Safety

Innovations like drones, virtual reality, and worker wearables can provide critical safety solutions Fatality statistics are driving the adoption of construction safety technology. The most recent construction data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Bureau of Labor is unsettling. Construction worksite fatalities have risen over the last two years, reaching a 12-year

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future of UX research
Customer Experience

The Future of UX Research: Uncovering Users’ True Emotions with Mixed Methodologies

Explore what methodologies work well together to uncover users’ hidden emotions to strengthen UX testing Emotion research can help brands find ways to create deeper emotional connections with prospects and deliver purposeful, enhanced experiences to current customers. It also is ideally suited for supporting the user experience (UX) design process. The future of UX research

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innovation research and strategy 5
Emotion Intelligence

Brand Positioning Strategy: Creating a North Star

Determine where you are on the distinctiveness spectrum and build a brand that becomes a market leader In addition to driving growth through innovative product concepts, continue to move your brand forward with a well-defined brand positioning strategy. Brand positioning is the process of differentiating your business from others in the market in a way that

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