Using language and visualization to deliver “Now What” insights

Over the past several years an abundance of new tools have become available that make it easier than ever to enhance visualization of data.  These are invaluable to firms such as ours and definitely help when conveying often-times complex analyses.  However, they are just that, a tool to use and we as marketers and researchers need to remember that ultimately what we’re doing is “telling a story” about what has happened and what will happen in the future. By doing so we can more easily sway our audiences, change perceptions and create more memorable/impactful delivery of the insights we’ve worked so hard to capture.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite source material as well as thought leaders below and hope that you find they’re knowledge as helpful as we have. Overall, what we’ve gleaned from these other experts is that you need to fully understand the subject (your data), understand your audience (what’s their level of data literacy/familiarity with the topic), plan your story (what are your objectives? How does it begin, what’s the story climax and resolution), and utilize appropriate visualization (culmination of previous themes – what data do you have? is the audience going to be glancing at a slide or engaged in an hour- long presentation? what aspect of the story are you trying to convey?)

Here’s Martec’s own story as an example:

The Martec Story (the short version) – Our own story begins above a fish warehouse in the meat district of Chicago. Fulton Street. Two college buddies started a business together after a few years in corporate America. They shared an office, literally one office, desks pushed up to each other and facing each other in pre-social-distancing times. They pounded the phones to land business and conduct interviews. Over time they hired teammates, grew the business through a unique non-compete philosophy and by specializing in technical, B2B research, a less glamorous, and some would argue more difficult, segment of the market. Eventually they spread out and opened their doors to other partners (again more college connections) and the Detroit office came into being. Today, The Martec Group has offices around the world, employs over 80 people and is a recognized leader in the market research world.

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